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Growing up on a farm in Iowa is fun especially when you have a dirt bike to ride! After doing your chores that is. Tom started out on a little Yamaha DT80 and from there they just got bigger and faster and he now rides a 2018 Honda 450R and a Yamaha FZ1.

But let's go back a step.During high school he was employed with one of the biggest construction company's in the area but after graduating he went to work at a Fabrication business as a welder. Needless to say THAT was not what he wanted to do with his future, so he enrolled in AMI (American Motorcycle Institute in Daytona Beach,Florida) and graduated top of class in April of 1987.

From there Tom and his wife Sandy packed up and moved to Northern California for a job at Bike World. After living in the Bay Area for nine months and traveling to SoCal and San Diego several times it was a no-brainer that moving to San Diego would fit their lifestyle, so the moved was made in February of 1988.

Tom has worked at several of the largest dealerships in those past years. During this time Tom has became an expert in his field by attending Factory Update Schools earning certificates from Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki & SeaDoo.  Now he keeps up to date on new developments through articles, websites, and personnel and is known for being

ONE OF THE BEST in his line of work.

In his spare time you may find Tom enjoying a day of riding at one of the local motocross tracks or racing with the club Over The Hill Gang in the Vet Intermediate class. Tom also enjoys paintball, jet skiing, mountain biking and bench racing with friends. You can also

"spot" him with his more than spoiled Dalmatians!

For those of you that are wondering what the letters DWS stand for it's simple Dirt Water Street. But if you ask Sandy she'll say

Dogs With Spots!